Any Other Man (Outro Homem Qualquer)

│ 11:12
Langue: Sans dialogue

Un homme anonyme et discret est attablé à son café habituel pour tuer le temps après le travail. Sa vie est ainsi depuis des années et se résume à ces mots :maison, travail, café, maison. Tout en fumant cigarettes sur cigarettes, il observe …

A common man, sitting in his regular cafe, smoking and observing. The man weaves his own smoke curtain while a television sheds images. The city comes and goes through the cafe's window. For a moment glass and skin cease to be a frontier and life blends. A mechanism of connexions between man and city is set loose, composing a new architecture of observations, memories and wishes. In this web of imponderable circuits a possibility of disruption unleashes. From which only a brief trace will remain.