L’hiver de Léon

│ 26:10
Langue: VFr
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Mercredi de l’animation: Marionnettes , 15.11.23

L’hiver s’abat sur le royaume et l’ogre des montagnes enlève la belle princesse Mélie Pain d’Épice. Léon, un jeune ours va se lancer dans une succession d’aventures aussi périlleuses qu’inattendues, affrontant tous les dangers pour délivrer la princesse

Un conte de noël d’après l’album éponyme d’Antoine Lanciaux.

Wintertime is harsh in the land of King Balthasar, especially if you're Léon, an eight-year-old adopted bear suffering from an identity crisis. "My name's Léon and I'm not a bear!" he insists. After the distraught cub runs away from home, a mischievous storyteller called Bonifacio sweet-talks him into performing on stage. Along with his good friends the Hedgehog and Hannibal the Elephant, Léon embarks on many adventure, stands up to an ogre, and saves Princess Molly Gingerbread from ending up in a pea stew. Braving the ogre, the cold, and the storm brewing in his heart, Léon travels far and wide. His courage eventually leads him back to his parents, who work as beekeepers. Pure, tender and as sweet as honey, this puppet animation is a delightful medieval tale. Léon is irresistible.