Regular Rabbit

│ 07:45
Langue: VoEn/StFr
Edition Animatou:
Producteur: Eoin Duffy,
Diffusé dans le(s) programme(s):
Canicule degré 5 , 10.10.23

La réputation d’un lapin comme les autres est salie par une marée d’infâmes ragots. Fake news!

With story and visuals purposefully separated, a Regular Rabbit battles a comically absurd onslaught of disinformation. He is not the nightmare being told. He is as shown, a regular ol’ stupid rabbit doing his usual rabbit stuff! The narrator is full of s#!t!! How is this so hard to believe?! Fake news!! Where’s the evidence?! Agh!!! He is nothing more than a Regular Rabbit!